Desert Rose Shelter

Ottawa Sunrise to assist the Desert Rose Shelter in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

The Rotary Club of Ottawa Sunrise submitted a grant proposal to Rotary International in July for the sum of $19,300 to help a shelter in Ullaanbaatar, Mongolia.

Mongolia is a country of 2.7 million people, 60% are younger than 30 and 27% younger than 14.  38% of the population live in Ulaanbaatar with 22% living below the poverty level.  No provisions were available for homeless girls living on the street until the fall of 2007 when Mary Patterson opened the Desert Rose Shelter.  She and her staff have cared for over 30 girls, helping them learn living skills, take classes, provide shelter, food and medical care.  They have partnered with medical staff and the police identification center to provide services at little or no cost.  The problem is that they have no van to pick up the homeless girls or to take them to classes, medical appointments, give food parcels, or do home visits.  Our project is to provide the van plus fuel and insurance for one year. Ulaanbaatar ignores the young girls prostituting to stay alive, but Desert Rose gives them shelter and hope. Lives are being changed.  The girls, their families and the city of Ulaanbaatar will reap the benefit of this project.

The need is great so this project will be completed as soon as the grant is approved and the Rotary Club of BayanZurkh assists Desert Rose Shelter in selecting and purchasing the van.  Through Mary Patterson’s contacts around the world, but mostly in the United States, she has been able to solicit donations that enable Desert Rose Shelter to exist.  Her dedication to the shelter and homeless children can be seen in the three Mongolian children she has adopted.  Maintenance, fuel and repairs will be covered through the shelter’s support donations and the small food business that she has initiated with the girls.

BayanZurkh 100, and Ottawa Sunrise have been communicating and planning how best to help Desert Rose Shelter for over a year.  Rotary programs have been given in each club about the shelter to explain the project and the need of this large segment of the young population.  Small donations from Ottawa Sunrise have been transmitted through the Mongolian club to help purchase bedding and supplies for Desert Rose during this past year.  We share emails frequently to give updates and also have a collection of pictures to take to more Rotary clubs in the future.  The BayanZurkh 100 Club will directly help the shelter find and purchase a van that is suitable for the project.  Both clubs will make sure that reports on completed accurately and in a timely manner.

This Desert Rose Project is possible because of the cooperative efforts of:

Rotary Club of Ottawa Sunrise, Ottawa, IL                                           $6100

Rotary Club of Streator, Streator, IL                                                      $1000

Rotary Club of Beaver Dam, Beaver Dam, IL                                   $1000

Cup of cold Water Ministries, Newark, IL

Rotary District 6240                                                                         $10,100

Rotary District 6250                                                                            $1000

Rotary Club of BayanZurkh 100, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia                        $100

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