Posted by: Gene Anderson | December 10, 2019

December 6th Meeting

Lorraine McCallister, President of the Reddick Mansion Association, was the guest speaker for Sunrise Rotarians.  A descriptive summary of the renovation project was given along with a documentary video of the Heritage Restoration and Design Company’s work on the windows.  The original glass and windows will remain in the 161 year old home.  The balconies were beyond repair and will be rebuilt.  The original cost was projected to be $700,000 but with unforeseen problems the total cost has risen to $1.4 million.


Past President Helio Ruvalcaba conducted the business meeting.  The recent Toy-Book Collection for the Salvation Army in Ottawa brought in a new total of 864 toys, 324 books, ands $320 for more purchases.  Financial Plus and Farm and Fleet were thanked for their great assistance with the collection this year.  Sunrise Rotarians will again help lay wreaths at the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery in Elburn on December 14th.  An estimated 20,000 wreaths will be placed on graves that day.  Sandy Robinson won the drawing of the day.

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