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October 28th Meeting

In Attendance,  Gene Anderson, Karen Nussbaum, Nancy Leemhius, Eldon Leemhius, Sandy Robinson, Rick Scott, Nathalie Schmidt, Bobette Roberson, Mike Fuller, Mike Matteson, Paul Martin, Summer Rachas, Julie Fisher, Nelson Nussbaum, Helio Ruvalcaba.

We had 2 guests from Financial Plus Credit Union.  Becky Coons and Crystal Geiger, whom were also our presenters.

There are three upcoming anniversaries in the club, Eldon and Nancy, Nathalie and Joe and Bruce and Kay.  Wow that might be a record.

Buck in the pot was won by Nelson Nussbaum

Julie our Sgt at arms entertained us with some Halloween facts. Did you know Halloween originated in Ireland?   This brain can only fit so much useful knowledge but there is plenty of room for fun. 

Presentation today was from FPCU.  Both Becky and Crystal did great and gave aways some fun stuff.  See attachment for presentation on Financial Checklist.  This was a great presentation.

I am also attaching the flyer from wreaths across  America that is right around the corners.

We will also participate in the Bell ringing with Salvation Army dates soon to come.  They will have on November 12 their Ketel Kickoff .

Karen Nussbaum will make a gift basket to present at our Rotary Conference.  Many thanks to  Karen.

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October 21st Meeting

The Ottawa Sunrise Rotary Club recognized two Seniors as Students of the Month for October.

Morgan Stone from Ottawa Township High School is active in many clubs and sports plus loves to babysit and be a teaching assistant in a special education class.  She plans on attending ISU next fall and major in elementary education.

Ella Biggins attends Marquette Academy and has leadership roles in Student Council, Key Club, and Science Club. She will earn her Associates Degree from IVCC along with her high school diploma next spring.  Biggins’ goal is to be a wildlife biologist and enjoy traveling.

Posted by: Gene Anderson | October 11, 2022

October 7th Meeting

In Attendance, Eldon Leemhuis, Nancy Leemhuis, rick Scott, Sandy Robinson, Joe Schmidt, Paul Martin, Jane Goetz, Bruce Brown, Gene Anderson, Mike Fuller, Summer Rachas, Nathalie Schmidt, Julie Fisher, Karen Nussbaum, Nelson Nussbaum,

Rick rang the bell and started us with an update from The Twin Rivers-Barrington Growing Project(Food Resource Bank).  They sent us a thank you for our contribution.  We contribute $480 a year to them for their cause.  Also a small commercial:  There will be a Harvest Celebration, Saturday October 15 at Sandwich Fairgrounds . Done together with Earlville and Somonauk projects.  Please see and share attachments on this great cause.

Info and signup sheet is attached for our Wreaths Across America event  December 17,  2022 at Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery in Elwood IL.

Volunteers still needed for camp Tuckabatchee Haunted Camp.  Se attachment for call info. 

Happy Anniversary to  Summer Rachas 12 years.

Rick Scott won the buck in the pot which he so generously gifted back towards Polio plus.  Thanks Chief!!

Three Happy bucks that I am remembering to add Happy buck #1 Paul Martin son has been here for a week from California.  Has not seen him in four years.  No thanks to Covid

Happy #2 Jane is pitching in for her son in law being away hunting in Idaho.  Hunting for deer, elk or something with horns. 

Happy#3  Julie was impressed by Oliver, my son; and his act of kindness in high school.  His mom is doing a great job raising that boy.

Our Guest speaker was Tom Jeppson.  Principal from Rutland School.  He gave us great insight on Rutland school district.  They are a school district with about 60 students.  He is originally from Spring Valley and has been inspired by our very own Jane Goetz and Mike Matteson! He was a High school teacher and is now the principal at the school.  He is working on his Superintendency He cares about his students and is very passionate about what he does at Rutland.  He is trying to make a difference in the lives of his students.  Those students are very fortunate to have Tom as a Principal.  Fun fact, that Sandy Robinson shared with us.  She went to Rutland school as well as her two boys. 

The club made $323.00 during Scarecrow Fest.  Thank you everyone who participated in the event .  See attachments as well. 

Weekly Drawing for last week was Jonna Dziorny  for this week the Winner was Brian Bressner.  Rick assured us he will deliver the prize to Brian.

Paul Martin will have the speaker for next week

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September 23rd Meeting

In Attendance, Julie Fisher, Joe Schmidt, Mike Matteson, Nathalie Schmidt, Bobette  Bobette Roberson, Summer Rachas, Paul Martin, Bruce Brown, Rick Scott, Gene Anderson, Tom Garniere, Jane Goetz , Keith Goetz, Sandy Robinson, Eldon Leemhius, Nancy Leemhius, Helio Ruvalcaba

Guest form Marseilles Rotary was Kent Terry

Culver numbers are in.   Club made $375.20 on that night,  Thank you to all who ate there that night.

Sandwich Rotary fair gave us a nice thank you note and we made $800.00 for helping out during the fair. 

Camp Tuckabatchee(check my spelling. This is as tough to spell as my name) is looking for volunteer during their Haunted Camp dates.  We have supported the camp with their new furnace and now they ore needing our labor.  See the attachment on this e-mail for more info on the dates needed.  This looks like a lot of fun.  Call Lexi at 85-579-7694.

Nathalie presented the series of books that we will be donating to library.  We still need donations.  We voted on all members contributing at least one book to the cause.  We are making donations in lie of the book to be donated by each member.  Please write check to Ottawa Sunrise Rotary of cash donations are welcome.  We are still short on the funds to cover the cost of the donation.  There will be 70 books donate din Total. See attached picture.  Thank you again Nathalie for the lead on this.

Nathalie also treated us with some picture perfect red delicious apple .  She was so kind to offer them to us from her farm for free. Joe made an attempt to sell them at $5.00 each with no success.  This is why he farms and is not in sales.

Don’t forget. Thursday night is social night at the Robinsons House.  Keith and Jane have donated the smores fixings and Nathalie will bring Salads.  See attached signup sheet if you plan to go send Sandy an email as well. 

Joe won the buck in the pot.

See invitation for Starved Rock Country Community Foundation event.  WE have been invited to attend. See attachment for invitation info.

No meeting next Friday the September 30th

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September 16th Meeting

In Attendance

Gene Anderson, Joe Schmidt, Nathalie Schmidt, Eldon Leemhius, Bobbi Roberson, Jane Goetz, Keith Goetz, Summer Rachas, Gary Robinson, Sandy Robinson, Nancy Leemhius, Eldon :Leemhius, Rick Scott, Mike Matteson, Dorothy Fiesel, Julie Fisher, Bruce Brown, Paul Martin , Helio Ruvalcaba

Rick Scott Rang the Bell. 

Scarecrow fest update.  Location TBD.  See signup sheet for time slots.  Event is this Saturday the 24th.  We will serve from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m..  Will need Aprons, Roasters, Coolers and extension cords.

Social Night .  Thursday September 29th at the Robinson From 5-7 p.m.  This is an outdoor event .  Bring Lawn chairs.  Bonfire and sandwiches and a great time being served. 

Mike Matteson won the buck in the pot.

Pauline Cushman. (check my spelling on that one)  won the weekly raffle. 

One of our club goals for the year was to provide books for an organization.  Nathalie took the lead and proposed we donate s series of short story biographies.  These are books with short biographies that would invite and interest kids into discovery.  There is a total of 66 books with a total cost of $350.00/.  club Voted to support the cause and donate to the purchase of the book series.  Jane made the motion to support this program .  Sandy made second motion.  All votes were in favor .  We now are asking for donations form all members to help with the cost.  Please make check payable o Ottawa Sunrise Rotary or cash is always welcome.  Thank you Nathalie for taking the lead.

Bobette introduced our speaker Bill Hurrell with Alternatives.  This is a local resource that helps local community seniors with their many needs. They help improve their quality of life through many available resources.  From helping with bill payments to Medicare questions.  They are there to help local seniors.  See brochure

Big Thank You for all that helped during Sandwich fair.

Posted by: Gene Anderson | September 20, 2022

September 9th Meeting

In Attendance, Joe Schmidt, Nathalie Schmidt, Bruce Brown, Keith Goetz, Sandy Robinson, Mike Matteson, Dorothy Fiesel, Jane Goetz, Eldon Leemhius, Nancy Leemhius, Tom Garnier, Nelson Nussbaum, Gene Anderson , Karen Nusbaum, Julie Fisher, Helio Ruvalcaba

Sandy rang the bell and started our meeting.

Mark your calendar September 24 is the Scarecrow fest here in Ottawa.  We will be selling pork chop sandwiches to raise funds between 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m..  Sign up sheet will be coming around.  We will need volunteers before and after those hours for set up and cleanup. Summer Rachas has a Serv Safe Food Handling and Sanitation License for event. Prices of meat chips etc. have gone up.  We are selling sandwiches for $5.00 each and combo for $8.00. Sandwich, chips and drink.  Jane will look for sign from last year.  She knows exactly where it is, …somewhere.. 

Donna Stone our raffle winner from last week donated back toe proceeds to us.  Thank you Donna

Winner for the drawing this week was Chloe Nussbaum. 

Our Speaker was Charlotte McGrath.  She is our Vietnam Veteran with a great presentation .  She presented to us her Honor Flight To Washington D.C.  One of the best presentations we have seen.  It was so honoring and humbling to hear her story. 

Julie Fisher won the buck in the pot.  Julie gave at ll back to Rotary Foundation.  Thanks Julie!!! Such a mensch!!

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August 26th Meeting

Gene triple-dinged the meeting to order. In attendance were:  Bruce Joe Tom Nancy Sandy Eldon Bobbi Summer Gene Paul Kyle Julie and guest, Kent Terry. 

Joe won the $13 Buck in the Pot. Sergeant at Arms, Bruce, talked all about horse branding and it’s association with ranch names. Interesting stuff.

Happy buck #1….Kyle has a new job. COO for Savanto Ag Company. More info on this at the end of this email. Happy buck #2…Eldon told us when Tom Brooks was governor visiting our Sunrise club on the Illinois river, that was his best visit of the year. (FYI, I was president then 


) Happy buck #3… Bruce completed his sergeant at arms duties for September.

Tom introduced his speaker Mr. Paresh Patel. He told us all about a cricket club they are considering bringing to Ottawa. Locations are being scouted and they are working with the city to build a facility in the Midwest. The sport of cricket is watched by 2 billion people worldwide. The season runs May through September and there is a governing board in the USA. If a location is decided upon, there would be a facility with a 10,000 seat capacity. They are working with our restaurants hotels and businesses because Ottawa has a lot of charm, variety of restaurants, major highways & airports in the vicinity.  How exciting this could be!”

Paresh explained the rules but I’m sorry to say they went over my head. Sometimes games can last 3 hours, BUT they also could last a whole day AND even 5 days! Big companies, like Microsoft & Google are backing this U.S. venture to find a place in the Midwest.

( because it’s Labor Day weekend)

Kyle had the last word. He sadly had to announce that he is resigning from the club. His new job is keeping him too busy. He gave a very warm goodby speech. We are all your friends and wish you the best of luck.

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August 19th Meeting

n attendance, Rick Scott, Karen Nusbaum, Nelson Nussbaum, Bruce Brown, Joe Schmidt, Nathalie Schmidt, Julie Fisher, Summer Rachas, Nancy Leemhius, Keith Goetz, Jane Goetz, Eldon Leemhius, Paul Martin, Gary Robinson, Tom Garniere, Helio Ruvalcaba

We had Diane Krug as our speaker form The Rusty Halo. A unique antique shop with a collection of Model T cars.  It is a true local gem. She mentioned their passion for collecting cars .  They are located north of Ottawa at 3277 e 18th Road. 

Bruce our Sergeant at arms took it easy on us.  He had only one question.  In what year did the Sandwich Fair Start?  Only those who attended know the answer.  And Google of course. 

We received a Thank you note form our IVCC Scholarship recipient, Gage Schmitt.  Will work on sending thank you note as my cell phone tech is not working. Sorry!

Don’t forget to turn in your raffle tickets as first drawing is set to start on September 1st

All time slots for the Sandwich fair are filled.   Thank you everyone who is participating.  Remember the fair is September 8th and 9th

We gave a Huge Thank You to Sandy Robinson for her service as President this last year.  She is a great leader!  The club Donated on Sandy’s s Behalf $50.00 To Polio Plus.  Thank you again Sandy. 

Posted by: Gene Anderson | August 23, 2022

August 11th Meeting

In Attendance,  Gene Anderson, Eldon Leemhius , Tom Garniere, Nathalie Schmidt, Sandy Robinson, Joe Schmidt,  Bruce Brown, Paul Martin, Karen Nussbaum, Julie Fisher, Mike Matteson, Nelson Nussbaum, Helio Ruvalcaba, Jane Goetz,

Bobbi Roberson was our guest and will be our next Ottawa Sunrise Rotary Member. Wooo Hooo!!!!

Carol Alcorn was our Guest Speake r from Illinois Valley PADS 

Big Thank you to Sandy for organizing social night at Red Dog.  We had a great turnout on the day of the event.  So successful we even had people show up the day after the event. 

Gene our very talented chef who made a delicious quiche that day.  Won our buck in the pot. 

Bruce Brown our sergeant at arms gave some great August facts. 

Some Happy bucks. From Karen Nussbaum.  Daughter is coming back to the U.S. from Japan after 8 years.

Nathalie and Joe will be grandparents again. 

Eldon is working with the City of Ottawa to improve our Toy Float results for the year.  We did not have such great results last year due to the new logistics the City has imposed.  Eldon has taken the lead to address our concern about the event.

We received a thank You Note form Jo Capece Director of the Ottawa YMCA.  Thank you was for our $5,0donation ho the new YMCA building.

We had another great presentation by Carol Alcorn , Director of Illinois Valley Pads.  They are currently seeking volunteers and monetary donations for a larger facility that they are wanting to build.  their new building that they are wanting to build .  After the pandemic they are serving record number.  Due to current economic events they have been feeding more people as well as housing more people.  This has been both a financial and a personnel challenge for PADS.  Again she is asking for volunteers and donations towards new building. 

The Raffle tickets were handed out to everyone as well. 

Posted by: Gene Anderson | August 3, 2022

July 15th Meeting

In Attendance,

Rick Scott, Sandy Robinson, Paul Martin, Keith Goetz, Nancy Leemhius, Eldon Leemhius, Summer Rachas, Julie Fisher, Bruce Brown, (Yes! he is back and even gave a happy buck). Helio Ruvalcaba

Guests were Gentry Nordstrom. and Nathan Weiss

Reviewed Budget for the year. Adding $100 to Rotaract this year.  Paul Martin made motion to approve budget and Sandy Robinson made second motion all were in favor.  

We are participating in Sandwich Fair this year again the dates are Friday and Saturday September 8th a and 9th. Be ready as sign up list will go out soon.

Next week our District Governor, Laura Kahn will be here.  Bring your Rotary gear and best manners. Someone tell Gary please. 

Social night is Wednesday July 27th. Woo hooo!!!  Sign-up sheet is attached. Must have menu order before Monday. We have attached the appetizer menu for those who would like to sponsor an appetizer or contribute to one.  Please respond if you are attending as soon as possible.  Red Dog is trying to plan accordingly for us. We have attached signup sheet and menu items for night. Respond to Sandy if you are planning to go.

We had some happy bucks but forgot to write what they were for.  So sorry. 

WE had a great presentation by Gentry Nordstrom an Nathan Weiss.  They will bring a river boat to Ottawa!! Yes you read that right.  The St Genoveva will be at the Ottawa Shoreline available for all sorts of events.  From River tours to private events.  Great addition to Ottawa.  We wish them success!

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